A Few Words About Geoaktif

Founded in 2010 in Beyo─člu - Istanbul, Geoaktif Cultural Center is engaged in a variety of cultures that co-exist for a whole lifetime in this colorful geography. As a cultural center, our mission is to help all these different cultures to discover, meet and get closer to each other. In this sense, Geoaktif is an intersection and a meeting point for a vast variety of cultures in and around Turkey.

Focusing on regional ethnic cultures, we teach ethnic languages spoken in and around Turkey as well as the music instruments and dances of different ethnic groups in our geography. In addition to regular and long-term courses like language courses, music instrument courses and dance courses, we also organize one-off workshops, seminars and panels.

We believe that as human beings we should not confine ourselves with the narrow patterns of one single culture. The cultures are beautiful together, side by side. On their own, they are as boring as a dreary back town. In an age of universal uniformization, we live in the middle of a matchless cultural colorfulness.

And we, as the Geoaktif Cultural Center, are in an effort to bring together the elements of this colorfulness in a journey extending from the local to the universal.

With love and friendship ...