Needless to mention, we would be more than happy to develop a stable and fruitful cooperation with like-minded individuals and institutions from around the world. Furthermore, the nature of our works does require such a cooperation.

In order to create and maintain a sustainable cooperation, a few basic principles should be kept in mind. A fruitful cooperation, in our view, requires a complete independence of those involved in it. We all belong to different cultures and backgrounds; so, a cooperation should respect these differences at the first hand. This is of course not to say that the differences among us are not subject to any discussion and questioning. Another important aspect would be the fact that we should have equal right of say over any decision making. For, any cooperation lacking the principle of equality is not a cooperation at all, but rather an imposition of one party on the other. Likewise, responsibility and outcomes of a cooperation must also be shared equally.

With these in mind, there is a lot that we could do together. We can run joint campaigns, organize hundreds of inter-cultural works and events or conduct long-term education and studies. Many more specific opportunities will surely arise when we communicate.

For those international friends who are interested in, or already working about, Turkey, possibilities of cooperation can be more concrete. They can use Geoaktif for their activities, or we can hold joint events together.

Generally speaking, if our works are of interest to you, and regardless of whether you are an individual or an institution, you can simply consider Geoaktif as your partner in Turkey. Details shall be shaped during our communication.



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